Private Events
Celebration of life and life's milestones

Whatever you are celebrating - a family reunion, anniversary, birthday, holiday, graduation, work promotion or a new beginning - we can personalise your special occasion. Just ask our House Manager Sathish and we will work with you to arrange the details.

The Skylight Salon Series
A crafted collection of immersive experiences

We at Skylight House support and celebrate local Sri Lankan heritage.
Should you wish to experience aspects of Sri Lankan culture in the privacy of your villa,
we can arrange for local artisans to come to the house to share their crafts with you.
A few ideas include:

Cooking Classes

immerse yourself in the textures, aromas and tastes of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. A local chef will introduce you to the rich spices and flavours of the island, many of which have medicinal properties in Ayurvedic medicine.


Musical Performances

The acoustics in The Main Hall are ideal for small musical ensembles. We can arrange traditional Sri Lankan musicians to serenade you as you enjoy cocktails and dinner. You can also interact with them to understand more about local musical heritage.


Art Demonstrations

You will notice that local art adorns the walls of Skylight House. We are happy to arrange for an artist to demonstrate their craft as well as discuss with you the Sri Lankan art scene.


Vedda Indigenous Culture

The Indigenous Vedda people are the original inhabitants of Sri Lanka. Largely hidden from and forgotten by mainstream society, their culture has been drawing renewed interest and efforts are being made to preserve and rebuild their communities. Meet a Veddha elder to introduce their culture, show bow and arrow skills (they were primarily hunters and lived in a structured social system in caves). We discuss the challenges as their traditional habitat is being encroached upon. Learn about their culture and how it is being preserved through community building and outreach.

Yoga and Meditation

Experience the calm of Skylight House with a qualified yoga and meditation instructor.

Batik Fabric - Making

Although batik is originally from Indonesia, the craft spread to Sri Lanka and now has a long tradition here, especially in the south of the country. Learn about the art and make your own batik designs to take home!

Sri Lankan Traditional Costumes

Sarees and Sarongs are the national dress of Sri Lankan women and men. We invite you to learn how to wear these beautiful outfits. If you feel like really going local, how about going out to a meal in your newfound finery


What Client's Say?

  •   All was Perfect, Only Pros Not even one Con Very much recommended property to any one who arrives to Sri Lanka Families Or other tourists , Very special House, great... read more

    thumb Ziv
    May 8, 2020

      Fantastic house, clean, big kitchen, comfortable beds and a perfect pool to cool you when the sun get a little to hot.

    Sathish, the manager of the house,... read more

    thumb Mats
    January 6, 2020

      Our family holiday at Skylight was everything I had hoped it would be.

    The location is lovely, just slightly too far to walk to the beach but that's... read more

    thumb Daisy
    February 12, 2019
  •   Beautiful space in the countryside but still only a short tuk tuk ride to all of the major attractions. Some of the best family friendly beaches are within a few... read more

    thumb Simon
    April 24, 2019

      Very recommended place and host as well
    We will return for sure

    thumb Ziv
    December 23, 2019

      Skylight House and everything about it is outstanding. The place is spotless and is in an excellent location. Accessibility to nearby beaches is easy and there are restaurants/bars at a... read more

    thumb Jutin
    April 9, 2019